Sr. NoName, Designation and Department
1Dr. Baber Hussain Shah
Lecturer, Mass Communication
2Dr. Saqib Riaz
Chairman/ Associate Professor, Mass Communication
3Dr. Bakht Rawan
Associate Professor, Mass Communication
4Prof. Dr. Samina Awan
Chairperson/ Professor, History
5Dr. Fozia Umar
Lecturer, History
6Dr. Muhammad Kamal Khan
Assistant Professor, English & Applied Linguistics
7Dr. Malik Ajmal Gulzar
Associate Professor, English
8Dr. Lubna Umar
Lecturer, English
9Dr. Saira Maqbool
Assistant Professor, English
10Mr. Amjid Khan
Lecturer, Library & Information Sciences
11Dr. Abdullah Jan Abid
Associate Professor, Pakistani Languages
12Ms. Zaib-un-Nisa
Lecturer, Pakistani Languages
13Dr. Badshah Sardar
Associate Professor, Pakistan Studies
14Dr. Samina Yasmeen
Associate Professor/Chairman, Pakistan studies
15Dr. Adnan Riaz
Assistant Professor, MBA Department
16Dr. Syed Nasir Hussain
Lecturer, Early Childhood Education and Elementary Teacher Education
17Dr. Rukhsana Durrani
Lecturer, Early Childhood Education and Elementary Teacher Education
18Ms. Mubeshera Tufail
Lecturer, Early Childhood Education and Elementary Teacher Education
19Dr. Fazal ur Rahman
Associate Professor, Early Childhood Education and Elementary Teacher Education
20Dr. Muhammad Samiullah
Assistant Professor, ECE & ETE
21Dr. Muhammad Tanveer Afzal
Assistant Professor, Science Education
22Dr. Zaheer Ahmad
Lecturer, DNFCE
23Dr. Zafar Iqbal
Assistant Professor, DNFCE
24Dr. Sidra Rizwan
Lecturer, Secondary Teacher Education
25Dr. Nasima Arshad
Associate Professor, Chemistry
26Dr. Iqbal Ahmad
Lecturer, Chemistry
27Dr. Moazzam H. Bhatti
Associate Professor, Chemistry
28Dr. Uzma Yunus
Associate Professor, Chemistry
29Dr. Muhammad Zaman Ashraf
Assistant Professor, Chemistry
30Dr. Erum Jabeen
Lecturer, Chemistry
31Dr. M. Tariq Jan
Assistant Professor, Physics
32Dr. Muhammad Nazam
Lecturer, Mathematics
33Dr. Irfan Mustafa
Lecturer, Mathematics
34Dr. Zaheer Ahmed
Associate Professor, Environmental Design Health & Nutritional Sciences
35Dr. Moiz Uddin Ahmed Siddiqui
Assistant Professor, Computer Science
36Dr. Ahmad Raza
Assistant Professor, Islamic Thought, History & Culture
37Dr. Abdul Majeed Baghdadi
Assistant Professor, Arabic
38Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Arshad Iqbal
Assistant Professor, Quran & Tafseer
39Dr. Zafar Iqbal
Lecturer, Quran & Tafseer
40Mr. Muhammad Rafiq
Lecturer, Hadith & Hadith Sciences
41Dr. Mahmood Ahmad
Senior Research Officer, Directorate of Academic Planning & Course Production
42Mr. Kamran Mir
Assistant Director of ICT, Directorate of ICT
43Mr. Shakeel Ahmad
Deputy Registrar, Registrar Department
Award certificates and cheques and will be provided by ORIC.

All employees working in AIOU on regular basis/TTS/contract were invited to submit applications for Research Publications Grant 2020, for the papers published between January 2019 to December 2019 in May 2020.

The guidelines along with proforma were made available at and ORIC web page

Note: The result has been finalized and will be notified soon.


Research Publication Grant Program aims to promote the research culture at AIOU by enhancing the research publications by the researchers of AIOU. Following two types of publication grants are considered under this program:

  • Research Article
  • Book Writing Grant

a)      Eligibility Criteria

  1. The Research Publication Grant shall only be applicable to employees who are working at AIOU on regular basis/TTS/contract.
  2. The first author and corresponding author of research article/book shall be eligible to apply for this grant.
  3. Name/ affiliation of author(s) with AIOU in the publication is pre-requisite for availing this grant.
  4. This grant shall be given upon the print publication of the Article/Book except where there is only online version of journal/book released.
  5. Maximum three publication grants can be awarded in a calendar year subject to their publication in the same calendar year.
  6. Inclusion of the journal in Journals Citation Report (JCR) along with Impact Factor of the journal at the time of publication shall be required for the international journals.
  7. Inclusion of Journal in HEC Recognized Journals’ List at the time of publication is pre-requisite for local publications.
  8. The book should have minimum 150 pages.
  9. It should be published by any reputed publisher.
  10. Thesis re-published in book format shall not be considered.
  11. Book should have been peer-reviewed.
  12. The applicant shall submit the hard copy of Book.

b)     Amount of Grant

  1. Grant against research article publication in National or International journals is as follow: 
Type of Publication Amount Rs.
Book 30,000/-
Impact Factor Journals 30,000/-
HEC Recognized National Journals W-Category 30,000/-
X- Category 25,000/-
Y- Category 20,000/-
  1. If both the authors are from AIOU, the amount of publication grant shall be equally distributed among them. One author shall get his share only, even if the other author has not claimed the article for this grant.
  2. If research article(s) or book(s) is written by more than one author, the external author shall not be eligible to receive incentive award.

c)      Documents required

Following documents to be submitted for research article publication grants

  1. The front and back cover of the journal/issue.
  2. Reprint of the research article
  3. Proof of journal’s HEC category/ Impact Factor in Journal Citation Report at the time of publication.
  4. Certificate that no remuneration was received against the said research article from any other institution.
  5. In case of journals having online versions only, the print of the main web page along with list of articles and reprint of research article from the website.

Following documentary proofs for book publication shall be submitted:

  • Cover page and back cover of the book
  • Table of contents of book
  • Publisher’s website home page print
  • Similarity index certificate (generated in Turnitin) that should be less than 19%.
  • Two (2) sample chapters
  • Peer-review certificate/proof
  • Certificate that no remuneration was received against the sa
  • id book from any other institution.