1st Multidisciplinary National Graduate Conference (15-16 March, 2017) AIOU Islamabad


  • This conference was planned for providing a platform to the research students and their mentors to share their work in progress as well as their completed yet un-published work.
  • AIOU had already conducted twelve conferences and several seminars but all of them were discipline or field specific.
  • The first graduate conference at AIOU is planned by all the four faculties together and organized through the platform of ORIC- Office of Research Innovation and Commercialization
  • This will add an extraordinary element of thinking beyond the limits of disciplines and bringing up the ideas of interdisciplinary conversations as well as innovative research ideas.
  • Graduate students from around the country were invited to submit their proposals and in 42 fields of study. 25 universities from all over the Pakistan participating in NGC-AIOU,2017.


  • To provide graduate students a forum to share their research work and research findings.
  • To enable the graduate students for developing their research works into publishable literature.
  • To offer a space for inter-disciplinary interaction for developing cross-disciplinary research proposals and to bring innovation in research at graduate level.


  • Abstracts received: 392
  • Review committee comprised 16 reviewers
  • Accepted abstracts: 304
  • Presented Presentations: 256
    • Oral Presented Presentations: 215
    • Posters Presentation: 25
    • Round table discussions: 14
    • Panel Discussion: 01
    • Project Expo: 01
    • “Best Paper/Presentation/Poster” Award: 25
  • NGC-2017 Program Book : http://ngc.aiou.edu.pk/?p=297 
  • NGC-2017 Abstract Book : http://ngc.aiou.edu.pk/?p=303

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