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Research Travel Grant

Research Travel Grant is aimed to extend financial assistance to AIOU faculty and researchers to present their academic and research work, and to share their experiences and achievements at national as well as international level.

a) Eligibility Criteria

  1. Teaching faculty/staff of AIOU who are permanent or on contract for at least 3 years, having served for two years and holding 18 years of education. Not more than 15% of non-Academic staff shall be entertained under this scheme. If no applications are received from non-academic staff, then 15% allocated funds will be shifted to academic faculty.
  2. Cases for oral presentations shall be considered only. Grant shall not be awarded for Poster Presentations.
  3. The conference theme should be relevant to job/duties/profession of the applicant.
  4. Conference should be of good quality and should be organized/ supported by a professional association/ organization/ society/ institution
  5. Candidates shall be entitled to avail one National Travel Grant annually while, International Travel Grant can be availed once in two years.
  6. The research paper should be based on results of research undertaken by the applicant within Pakistan.

b) Financial Provisions

  • International Travel:
  • Airfare (as per AIOU policy)
  • Registration Fee (up to a maximum of USD 500)
  • Accommodation (up to $50 per night) as per number of days of the conference and per government rules / AIOU TA/ DA policy.
  • Daily Allowance (as per AIOU policy) as per number of days of the conference and per government rules / AIOU TA/ DA policy.
  • National Travel:
  • Conference fee ( if applicable)
  • TA/DA as admissible in Govt. rules / AIOU policy as per number of days of the conference

c)   Documents Required

  1. Letter of Acceptance/Invitation or email from the organizer in which the mode of presentation (oral/poster) has been clearly mentioned. It must be attested by Head of the Department or Dean.
  2. Documentary evidence indicating that the acceptance of abstract/paper is based upon peer review done by the technical committee of the event.
  3. Documentary evidence indicating that abstract/paper would be published in book of Abstracts/Proceedings/Journals etc. (if it is not mentioned in the letter or email, please obtain such specific email from the organizer).
  4. Conference Brochure containing aims, objectives and themes, charges of registration and accommodation etc.
  5. Full-text paper (both hard and soft copies).
  6. In case the applicant is a co-author, NOC from the principal author is required.
  7. Quotation from the travel agent indicating the shortest route. Last minutes ticket reservations are not allowed.
  8. Brief CV (2-3 pages) indicating applicant’s research publications and other events attended.
  9. Any other details regarding planned event are to be attached.

d)     Application Process

  1. The application must be submitted 06 weeks prior to the commencement of the event.
  2. Complete application, with all documentary evidences, should be sent in hard and soft form to ORIC.
  3. ORIC office shall do the initial scrutiny and incomplete applications shall not be presented to URSC.
  4. Applications shall be reviewed and evaluated by the URSC members and decision shall be made accordingly for acceptance, rejection or revision.
  5. Minutes of the committee shall be finally approved by the Vice Chancellor and notified by ORIC accordingly, sending the copy to the treasurer office.
  6. Applicants shall be informed through award letters issued by ORIC.
  7. Applicant may apply for advance (not exceeding 80% to the approved amount) to the Treasurer Office or bear the expenditure and proceed for the attendance of the conference.
  8. The reimbursement/adjustment of the advance as per approved amount or as per actual expenditure, whichever is less, should be claimed within two months after the visit; otherwise, the grant is withdrawn automatically. The applicant shall provide the original receipts of actual expenditures and travel ticket/boarding pass used for the journey. 
  9. If the visit is not performed due to any reason, ORIC shall be informed within 15 days after the conference/training scheduled dates, failing to which the grant shall be accounted as used grant against the applicant’s name.
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