Research Publication Grant

Research Publication Grant Program aims to promote the research culture at AIOU by enhancing the research publications by the researchers of AIOU. Following two types of publication grants are considered under this program:

  • Research Article
  • Book Writing Grant
a)      EligibilityCriteria
  1. The Research Publication Grant shall only be applicable to employees who are working at AIOU on regular basis/TTS/contract.
  2. The first author and corresponding author of research article/book shall be eligible to apply for this grant.
  3. Name/ affiliation of author(s) with AIOU in the publication is pre-requisite for availing this grant.
  4. This grant shall be given upon the print publication of the Article/Book except where there is only online version of journal/book released.
  5. Maximum three publication grants can be awarded in a calendar year subject to their publication in the same calendar year.
  6. Inclusion of the journal in Journals Citation Report (JCR) along with Impact Factor of the journal at the time of publicationshall be required for the international journals.
  7. Inclusion of Journal in HEC Recognized Journals’ List at the time of publication is pre-requisite for local publications.
  8. The book should have minimum 150 pages.
  9. It should be published by any reputed publisher.
  10. Thesis re-published in book format shall not be considered.
  11. Book should have been peer-reviewed.
  12. The applicant shall submit the hard copy of Book.
b)     Amount of Grant
  1. Grant against research article publication in National or International journals is as follow: 
Type of Publication Amount Rs.
Book 30,000/-
Impact Factor Journals 30,000/-
HEC Recognized National Journals W-Category 30,000/-
X- Category 25,000/-
Y- Category 20,000/-
Z- Category 15,000/-
  1. If both the authors are from AIOU, the amount of publication grant shall be equally distributed among them. One author shall get his share only, even if the other author has not claimed the article for this grant.
  2. If research article(s) or book(s) is written by more than one author, the external author shall not be eligible to receive incentive award.

c)      Documents required

  1. Following documents to be submitted for research article publication grants
  2. The front and back cover of the journal/issue.
  3. Reprint of the research article
  4. Proof of journal’s HEC category/ Impact Factor in Journal Citation Report at the time of publication.
  5. Certificate that no remuneration was received against the said research article from any other institution.
  6. In case of journals having online versions only, the print of the main web page along with list of articles and reprint of research article from the website.
                  ii.            Following documentary proofsfor book publication shall be submitted:
  • Cover page and back cover of the book
  • Table of contents of book
  • Publisher’s website home page print
  • Similarity index certificate (generated in Turnitin) that should be less than 19%.
  • Two (2) sample chapters
  • Peer-review certificate/proof
  • Certificate that no remuneration was received against the said book from any other institution.
  • Application process
  • As first stage of this program, letters shall be drafted to call for University Research Support Committee members (URSC) meeting. The agenda of the meeting shall be mentioned on it.
  • Meeting of committee members shall be held to finalize TOR’s, deadlines, and proformas for this program. These meeting minutes will thus be approved from the Vice Chancellor.
  • Open call shall be advertised via email and website. Proforma for Research Publication Grantsshall be uploaded on main AIOU & ORIC websites. Letters shall be sent to all Deans and Head of departments of administrative/servicing departments.
  • Initial scrutiny shall be done by the ORIC staff as per grant policy.
  • The URSC shall do thefinal scrutiny which will be approved by the Vice Chancellor.
  • Final notification of the awardees shall be issued by ORIC.
  • Award Certificates shall be distributed in a ceremony arranged by ORIC.
  • The successful applicants shall submit their claims to Treasurer Office for the payment of award money.